Lee, Hua; Radzicki, Vincent R.; Rajagopal, Abhejit; Univ California Santa Barbara, Dept Electrical and Computer Engineering (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2019-10)
      Today, a wide range of heart conditions can be monitored remotely with relatively inexpensive passive sensing technologies, enabling the potential for long-term monitoring and prognosis of patient state under representative environmental stimuli. A medical telemetry system that can incorporate such passive measurements and provide key diagnostic information to medical professionals would provide tremendous value to patients via quantitative and personalized healthcare. This paper presents an overview of passive sensing methods that could be utilized in a medical telemetry system for remote heart monitoring of patients. While active systems are another attractive option, they impose additional constraints on the system that require careful calibration, expert control, and more complex instrumentation. The methods presented here are based on low-cost, sensor technology with the potential to greatly improve long-term non-invasive, heart-health monitoring.