Temple, Kip; Air Force Test Center, Edwards AFB (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2019-10)
      Why hasn’t the Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry community adopted IRIG 106 compliant ARTM CPM as their preferred waveform for the transmission of telemetry data? Telemetry receivers in the market place today exhibit gains in detection efficiency and resynchronization speed that far exceed products of just a few years ago. Past papers have shown the link performance comparison between the new waveform standard SOQPSK-TG and ARTM CPM has narrowed since ARTM CPM was first standardized. This paper will present the latest performance comparison between these two waveforms during a controlled test throughout various flight conditions. The testing is presented and performance comparisons are made between the waveforms. This comparison will use traditional methods combined with several new performance metrics presented in this paper. To conclude, Link Availability, the measure of overall link performance is presented illustrating how closely these waveforms perform.