• Intelligent Monitoring Technology of Flight Test Based on Automatic Identification of Test Points

      Shenghu, Liu; Zhe, Yang; Bing, Ye; Chinese Flight Test Establishment (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2019-10)
      As the smallest component unit of the flight test task, test point defines the tasks and requirements to be completed by the test aircraft, which is the main basis for the flight effect evaluation. This article through in-depth analysis parameters variation characteristics of the testing aircraft in different test points, combined with the prior knowledge that the domain experts artificial recognize test points, extraction the key parameters of influencing test point identification, and their change rule. We constructed the knowledge base for test point identification, designed test point automatic identification algorithm. Combined with the flight test real-time task evaluation technology, we developed the real-time monitoring system for flight test based on the test point automatic identification and intelligent evaluation. It realized the change from the "intelligent security monitoring" to "intelligent task monitoring", and effectively improve the flight efficiency of the test aircraft.