• Writing Book Reviews for the Journal Of Range Management and Rangelands

      Scarnecchia, David L. (Society for Range Management, 2004-07-01)
      Effective, analytical reviews of recently published books inform readers of their essential content, and evaluate and communicate the value of their content to professional disciplines and the reading public. Such book reviews are widely read contributions to the Society for Range Management's publications, the Journal of Range Management and Rangelands, and are important elements of evaluation and communication within the Society. This paper is designed to assist writers in developing book reviews for the Journal of Range Management and Rangelands. Much of its analysis is relevant to book reviews for other publications. It begins with preliminary considerations for prospective authors. The functions of a book review are explained. Important considerations concerning reading the book are examined. The paper emphasizes the importance of finding a theme for a review. The common parts of a written review, i.e., the introduction, description of content, analysis and evaluation, and closing are considered individually. The paper then examines aspects of editing a review, and addresses some matters of style in writing. It concludes with a brief discussion of the importance of synthesis in developing an effective book review.