• Viewpoint: Livestock influences on riparian zones and fish habitat: Literature classification

      Larsen, R. E.; Krueger, W. C.; George, M. R.; Barrington, M. R.; Buckhouse, J. C.; Johnson, D. E. (Society for Range Management, 1998-11-01)
      A key was used to classify articles about livestock influences on riparian zones and fish habitat into 3 classes: papers that contained original data, those that were commentary, and reports about methodology such as classification systems, policies, and monitoring criteria. Four hundred and twenty-eight of the total articles were directly related to grazing impacts on riparian zones and fish habitat. Only 89 of these grazing impact articles were classified as experimental, where treatments were replicated and results were statistically valid. This analysis revealed several limitations of riparian grazing studies that included: (1) inadequate description of grazing management practices or treatments, (2) weak study designs, and (3) lack of pre-treatment data. More long-term, replicated treatment studies are needed in the future.