We have been examining the origins of Maya civilization and its development through archaeological investigations. Research topics include the transition from mixed subsistence to full-scale maize agriculture and sedentism, relationships with Olmec civilization and other Mesoamerican society, environmental change and society, the development of centralized polities, and the abandonment of Maya centers at the end of the Classic periods.

This repository collection contains data from the Ceibal-Petexbatun Archaeological Project: Ceibal, El Peten, Guatemala, 2005-2017.

Principal Investigators: Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan, School of Anthropology.


All materials in this collection are made publically available with appropriate rights and license statements. All questions about materials or permissions for re-use of content, where applicable, should be addressed to Takeshi Inomata at inomata@email.arizona.edu.

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