• Technical Note: A containerized technique for studying root systems

      Engel, R. K.; Nichols, J. T.; Brummer, J. E. (Society for Range Management, 1993-09-01)
      Quantifying root responses of naturally growing range plants to treatments is difficult. The objective of this study was to develop a containerized technique to study individual plants growing in the field under near natural environmental conditions. Three containers were evaluated: 15 X 100 cm nylon (2,000 pores/cm2) sacks, 15 X 100 cm polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubes, and 30 X 100 cm PVC tubes. The 15 X 100 cm PVC tubes were easiest to handle, and plants grown in these containers appeared similar in size and growth form to adjacent, undisturbed plants. Survival rate for 165 sand bluestem (Andropogon hallii Hack.) plants grown for 2 years in the 15 X 100 cm PVC tubes was 98.8%. This survival rate was achieved despite clipping treatments during the second year.