• Applicability of the Kostiakov equation to mixed prairie and fescue grasslands of Alberta

      Naeth, M. A.; Chanasyk, D. S.; Bailey, A. W. (Society for Range Management, 1991-01-01)
      The Kostiakov equation is of interest in rangeland hydrology because it is a simple 2 parameter equation with values of constants easy to determine from measured infiltration data, and because of its reasonable fit to infiltration data for many soils over short time periods. There is, however, some controversy in the literature regarding its applicability to rangelands. The Kostiakov infiltration equation was examined to determine its suitability to characterize infiltration on mixed prairie and fescue grassland ecosystems in Alberta, Canada. The infiltration data from double ring infiltrometers fit the Kostiakov equation very well. Of 26 regressions, 10 had an R2 over 0.95 while another 8 had an R2 over 0.90. The average R2 for all data at a site was 0.931 for mixed prairie, 0.857 for parkland fescue, and 0.938 for foothills fescue grassland. Changes in antecedent soil water and different grazing regimes altered the 2 equation parameters. Intercepts consistently declined with intensity and earliness in the growing season of grazing, although there were no consistent treatment trends with grazing. The Kostiakov equation is considered a good equation for infiltration in the 3 grassland ecosystems studied. Although parameter m had a narrow range of values for all 3 ecosystems and an average value from this study could be used, parameter a limits the equation and field testing is required for its determination.