• Epicuticular wax in honey mesquite: seasonal accumulation and intraspecific variation

      Jacoby, P. W.; Ansley, R. J.; Meadors, C. H.; Huffman, A. H. (Society for Range Management, 1990-07-01)
      Epicuticular wax on the leaves of honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) increased rapidly from May to July and stabilized or decreased by late summer. Pattern of accumulation best fit a second order polynomial regression equation using day of year as the independent variable. Considerable variation in wax accumulation was found among individual trees within populations and appeared to be consistent from year to year. Wax generally increased from about 0.35 g m-2 to more than 1.00 g m-2 during the growing season. A difference in maximum wax accumulation was detected between the 2 years of study and was attributed to differing environmental conditions. These findings may partially explain resistance of honey mesquite to folk-applied herbicides.