• Broadcasting Grass Seed to Revegetate Sandy Soils

      Kocher, E.; Stubbendieck, J. (Society for Range Management, 1986-11-01)
      This study was conducted to determine the effects of tillage, irrigation levels, seed coating rates and species on grass establishment. Sand bluestem [Andropogon gerardii var. paucipilus (Nash) Fern.] and little bluestem [Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash] seeds were coated with a lime and nutrient slurry at 3 rates and broadcast on abandoned cropland in the Nebraska Sandhills. A mixture of noncoated switchgrass [Panicum virgatum L.] and sand lovegrass [Eragrostis trichodes (Nutt.) Wood] was also broadcast. Three levels of irrigation were applied during the seeding year. Seedling establishment was higher on the disked areas than on nontilled areas. Establishment increased as irrigation level increased. Establishment of sand bluestem and little bluestem were similar, while establishment of the switchgrass-sand lovegrass mixture was less. Under the conditions of this experiment, seed coating rate had no influence on establishment.