• Technical Notes: Cannula Adaptations for Esophageally Fistulated Cattle

      Forwood, J. R.; Ortbals, J. L.; Zinn, G.; Paterson, J. A. (Society for Range Management, 1985-09-01)
      A modified, flexible pastisol reentrant ileal (MPI) cannula was made and tested for ability to eliminate esophageal depressions, to promote healing in fistulated steers already experiencing esophageal depressions and for general use in grazing situations. Aluminum and stainless steel 'sleeve-type' removable esophageal cannulas were coated with plastisol to reduce irritation of recently established and older esophageal fistulas. Both methods appear to reduce health problems in esophageally fistulated cattle used in grazing situations. However, lower cost of the MPI, health advantages and reduced labor requirements made it the cannula of choice over the sleeve-type cannulas.