• The Influence of Several Range Improvements on Estimated Carrying Capacity and Potential Beef Production

      Svejcar, T.; Vavra, M. (Society for Range Management, 1985-09-01)
      A simple calculation is proposed for estimating carrying capacity of range sites based on seasonal forage quality and standing crop. The model estimates animal unit days a pasture can support. Potential beef production of a particular site was estimated by multiplying animal unit days by average daily gain as indicated from forage quality. Improved and unimproved portions of 4 plant communities (grassland, mixed conifer, lodgepole pine, and moist meadow) were compared for carrying capacity and potential beef production. Improvement generally resulted in large increases in both carrying capacity and potential beef production; however, only in the case of the grassland did range improvement extend the period during which weight gains could be expected. Calculations indicate that energy generally became limiting before crude protein. Forage quality was insufficient to maintain weight gains of growing animals after mid-summer. Advantages and limitations of the calculations are discussed.