• Growth Parameter Differences between Populations of Blue Grama

      Samuel, M. J. (Society for Range Management, 1985-07-01)
      Samples of blue grama were obtained from disturbed and undisturbed areas of native rangeland in southeast Wyoming. Assumed 'slow-spread' populations were selected along a 50-year-old plowline from blue grama sod which had spread only a few centimeters into the plowed area. Assumed 'fast-spread' populations were selected from large plants within the plowed area. Control populations were selected at random from the undisturbed native range. Plants from 15 populations were grown in a dryland, uniform garden where basal spread was measured to determine if there were differences in rate of spread between populations of blue grama. Herbage production, plant height, and phenology were also compared. By the end of the second and fourth seasons of growth in the uniform garden, the fast-spread populations had spread 21 and 20% more than the slow-spread populations. The random populations were 17 and 11% larger than the slow-spread populations during the same year. The fast-spread and random populations were not different.