• The Decline of the Angora Goat Industry in Three Texas Counties

      Schrivner, J. H. (Society for Range Management, 1985-03-01)
      One hundred three present and 104 past Angora goat producers in 3 Texas counties were questioned regarding the relative importance of factors contributing to the decline of the goat industry in Texas. While the distribution of past and present producers among herd-size, ownership, and age classes was similar, it differed with regard to kidding. More present producers attempted to reduce livestock losses by shed and shed/trap kidding and use of predator control and husbandry techniques. Present producers also reported fewer kids and adults killed by predators. Predation losses was the production-limitation factor of greatest concern to both present and past goat ranchers. Disease problems and concern over competition from the synthetic fiber industry were ranked second and third, respectively, by present producers whereas mohair prices were ranked second and shortage of shearers, disease problems, and competition from the synthetic fiber industry collectively were ranked third by past producers.