• Germination Profiles of Introduced Grasses at Six Constant Temperatures

      Martin, M. H.; Cox, J. R. (Society for Range Management, 1984-11-01)
      Seeds of A-68 Lehmann lovegrass (Eragrostis lehmanniana Nees), cochise lovegrass (Eragrostis lehmanniana Nees × Eragrostis trichophora Coss & Dur.) and A-84 and Catalina boer lovegrasses (Eragrostis curvula var. Conferta Nees) accessions were germinated for 14 days at constant temperatures of 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, and 30 degrees C. Light intensity was 216 micromol m-1 s-1 and photoperiod was 15 h. Germination of Catalina seeds varied from 87 to 96% between 18 and 30 degrees C after 12 days. Germination of cochise seeds was optimum between 21 and 27 degrees C after 12 days. Germination of A-68 seeds was optimum at 27 degrees C and A-84 seeds at 30 degrees C. This study indicates that Catalina boer lovegrass and cochise lovegrass will germinate at relatively low temperatures. A-68 and A-84 lovegrasses, in contrast, require higher temperatures for optimum germination.