• Forage Preferences of Livestock in the Arid Lands of Northern Kenya

      Lusigi, W. J.; Nkurunziza, S.; Masheti, S. (Society for Range Management, 1984-11-01)
      The desirability of forage plants by livestock or wildlife is an important consideration in evaluating suitability of the range for grazing. This desirability may also in some cases be used in determining range condition. In many range types periodic determination of plant species composition provides the best indication of long-term trends. Evaluation of the effects of grazing on range flora usually requires that the vegetation be assigned to significant groups. This work represents the first attempt to make this kind of classification for the arid zone of northern Kenya in the study area of the UNESCO Integrated Project in Arid Lands (IPAL). It was required for the preparation of grazing plans for the largely nomadic pastoralists there. Preferences for 250 plant species have been assessed for camels, sheep, goats, and cattle. They are based on the best information presently available, and forms our basis for the classification of range condition for 147 range types in the study area.