• Cattle Behavior on a South Florida Range

      Tanner, G. W.; Sandoval, L. D.; Martin, F. G. (Society for Range Management, 1984-05-01)
      Grazing, resting, defecating, and urinating behaviors of cattle (Zebu-European cross breeds) were monitored seasonally on a south Florida range from November 1980 through August 1981. Individual animals were continuously during daylight hours in a pasture containing 4 plant communities. Distributions of time spent grazing and resting and counted occurrences of excretion were significantly different among the 4 seasons. Grazing time in the 4 plant communities was not in proportion to their size. Cattle grazed more in those communities that had the best quality of forage available. Cattle grazed more in the freshwater marsh during fall but spent more time in the ecotone during spring and summer. Shade was not a requisite for resting sites, even during the warmest days. Excretion activities were more closely associated with grazing than resting.