• Effect of Water and Nitrogen, and Grazing on Nematodes in a Shortgrass Prairie

      Smolik, J. D.; Dodd, J. L. (Society for Range Management, 1983-11-01)
      Densities of plant feeding nematodes were highest in range receiving additional water and nitrogen (H2O + N), however, biomass of plant feeders was not significantly increased. Populations of stunt nematodes were highest in the grazed treatment. Maximum numbers of 3 other plant feeding groups, ring, Tylenchidae and Dorylaimida, occurred in the H2O + N treatment. Predaceous and microbial feeding nematode populations were also highest in the H2O + N treatment. Populations of plant feeding and predaceous nematodes peaked in early June and remained high throughout the growing season. Populations of microbial feeders also peaked in early June, but fluctuated through the sampling period. It appears the benefits of additional water and nitrogen on plant growth are not offset by large increases in biomass of plant feeding nematodes.