• Annual Broomweed (Gutierrezia dracunculoides (DC.) Blake) Response to Burning and Mulch Addition

      Towne, G.; Owensby, C. (Society for Range Management, 1983-11-01)
      The influence of artificial mulch additions and mulch removal with fall, winter, and spring burning on annual broomweed [Gutierrezia dracunculoides (DC.) Blake] density in the Kansas Flint Hills was studied. Removing mulch, either by fall and winter burning or by fall mowing, significantly increased (P<.03) annual broomweed density compared to untreated plots. As mulch thickness increased, the number of emerging broomweed plants decreased. Cyclic infestations of annual broomweed appear to be favored by the lack of an overwintering mulch in closely grazed or denuded areas.