• Amount and Distribution of Dry Matter, Nitrogen, and Organic Carbon in Soil-Plant Systems of Mesquite and Palo Verde

      Barth, R. C.; Klemmedson, J. O. (Society for Range Management, 1982-07-01)
      Over a 3-year period, soil-plant systems of velvet mesquite and palo verde from the Sonoran Desert were sampled by standing crop, litter, and soil components and analyzed to describe the amount and distribution of dry matter, nitrogen, and carbon in the systems. Honey mesquite was sampled on a limited basis in southern New Mexico. Velvet mesquite averaged about one-third larger in crown area and weight than palo verde, but the two shrubs were similar in the distribution of dry matter, N, and C. Honey mesquite was much smaller and differed in distribution of dry matter, N, and C. Regression analysis showed that dry matter, N, and C in components of shrub systems of velvet mesquite and palo verde varied in a predictable manner and can be estimated with good precision using height, average crown diameter, or crown area of shrubs as the independent variable. Functional analysis showed that soil under palo verde did not accumulate N or C with increase in shrub size, whereas that under velvet mesquite accumulated N at the rate of 11.2 g/m2 per meter of height and C at the rate of 0.11 kg/m2 per meter of height.