• Suppression of Knapweed Invasion by Crested Wheatgrass in the Dry Interior of British Columbia

      Berube, D. E.; Myers, J. H. (Society for Range Management, 1982-07-01)
      We resampled an experimental plot established 11 years previously in the dry interior of British Columbia to test the ability of crested wheatgrass and Russian wild rye to suppress the invasion of diffuse knapweed. Knapweed density was high in non-seeded plots, moderate in Russian wild rye plots, and very low in crested wheatgrass plots. Watering experiments indicated that lack of soil moisture resulted in high seedling mortality and prevented knapweed invasion into crested wheatgrass plots. Diffuse knapweed reinvaded a similar experimental area in a higher rainfall region of B.C., which shows that the same cultural practices will have different effects on knapweed suppression under different climatic regimes.