• Forage Response to Overstory Reduction on Loblolly-Shortleaf Pine-Hardwood Forest Range

      Wolters, G. L.; Martin, A.; Pearson, H. A. (Society for Range Management, 1982-07-01)
      Herbage and browse production after selectively cutting uneven-aged stands of loblolly-shortleaf pine to various densities were generally related to residual pine basal area and site quality. Exceptions were at least partially the result of shrub and hardwood crown cover development on the triennially burned range. Uniolas were the principal forage species under stands having high residual pine basal area, bluestems were the major forage component on clearings. Browse made up about one-fourth of the forage under stands having high residual pine basal area but represented considerably lower proportions on clearings.