• Integration of Burning and Picloram Pellets for Macartney Rose Control

      Gordon, R. A.; Scifres, C. J.; Mutz, J. L. (Society for Range Management, 1982-07-01)
      Picloram pellets (5% active ingredient [a.i.]) applied at 1.1 kg/ha (a.i.) in June or September after burning Coastal Prairie in February resulted in excellent control of Macartney rose regrowth for at least two growing seasons. Picloram pellets (5% or 10% a.i.) at 1 kg/ha (a.i.) also effectively controlled Macartney rose when applied directly into the ash immediately after burning in the winter or early spring. Generally, there was no difference between the 5 and 10% formulations of picloram pellets applied at the same rate of active ingredient relative to Macartney rose control. Higher application rates (1.7 or 2 kg/ha [a.i.]) tended to improve Macartney rose regrowth control on burned areas only slightly compared to that from 1 kg/ha (a.i.) of the picloram pellets, regardless of formulation. Picloram pellet application extends the beneficial effects of prescribed burning on Macartney rose-infested rangeland. Prescribed burning eliminates the debris which prevents uniform grazing distribution and poses livestock handling problems following herbicide applications.