• Monoterpenoid Content of Pygmy Rabbit Stomach Ingesta

      White, S. M.; Welch, B. L.; Flinders, J. T. (Society for Range Management, 1982-01-01)
      During mid-January 1979, ingesta samples were collected from the stomachs of ten wild pygmy rabbits. The ingesta samples were analyzed for big sagebrush and monoterpenoid content. Big sagebrush comprised 97% of the material in the ingesta and was the only forage containing monoterpenoids. Monoterpenoid content of the ingesta was only 23% of expected levels. This major loss (77%) of monoterpenoids may occur during mastication. Loss of monoterpenoids from mastication by pygmy rabbits was measured in an airtight rabbit chamber. Twelve times more monoterpenoids were recovered during the rabbit feeding trials (big sagebrush and rabbit) than during the control tests (big sagebrush only).