• Herbage Capacitance Meter: an Evaluation of Its Accuracy in Florida Rangelands

      Terry, W. S.; Hunter, D. H.; Swindel, B. F. (Society for Range Management, 1981-05-01)
      This paper reports results of regression analyses of the use of a capacitance meter to estimate herbage weight. Estimation of dry weights was found to be as accurate as estimation of green weights. Analysis of covariance for three factors, site, season of year, and year of data collection, showed only season significantly (P<.01) affected the relationship between herbage weight and meter reading. Simple linear regressions were compared to natural logarithmic regressions. Logarithmic regressions were found to be better predictors of herbage weight as determined by Furnival's Index. Winter and spring proved to be the best time to use the capacitance meter, probably due to decreased effect of moisture fluctuations on the meter's performance.