• Grazing Animal Preferences for Cultivated Forages in Canada

      Gesshe, R. H.; Walton, P. D. (Society for Range Management, 1981-01-01)
      Ten perennial forage species and one forage mixture were evaluated for yield and animal preference at three growth stages. The most preferred but lowest yielding grass was Russian wild rye. Intermediate wheatgrass yielded most but was less preferred. Bromegrass gave high yields and was a preferred species. For the legumes, birdsfoot trefoil had the highest preference rating and also gave some high yields. Alfalfa was a productive, preferred species. The advantages, in terms of both animal preference and production, of a mixed forage stand over pastures containing a single species were demonstrated. Plant moisture, crude protein, digestibility, and crude fibre all influenced preference at certain times of the growing season.