• Plant Phenology in Galleta-Shadscale and Galleta-Sagebrush Associations

      Everett, R. L.; Tueller, P. T.; Davis, J. B.; Brunner, A. D. (Society for Range Management, 1980-11-01)
      Plant phenology is described for plant species in galleta grass (Hilaria jamesii)-shadescale (Atriplex confertifolia) and galleta grass-sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensis) associations in Hot Creek and Reveille Valleys of Nevada. Species within both plant associations were separated into early, late, and indiscriminate flowering groups. Duration of the species phenology cycles varied from 72 days for Indian ricegrass (ryzopsis hymenoides) to 209 days for sagebrush. The phenological cycle of individual species varied as much as 62 days in length over a 4-year period. Phenology of species common to both galleta grass-shadscale and galleta grass-sagebrush associations was similar in the same year. Differences in species phenology patterns are speculated to indicate different approaches to plant survival and species proliferation, but no one phenology pattern was obviously superior.