• Response of Wavyleaf Oak to Nitrogen Fertilization

      Howard, V. W.; Cox, J. R.; Southward, G. M. (Society for Range Management, 1980-11-01)
      This study was conducted to determine the response of wavyleaf oak to nitrogen fertilization, at rates of 0, 112, and 224 kg of elemental nitrogen per ha. Over the three years of the study, twigs were longer on fertilized areas than on unfertilized areas. Nitrogen at 112 kg/ha was generally as effective as 224 kg/ha in stimulating twig growth. Slope position did not have an effect on all sites. Where slope position was significant, plants on the upper and middle slopes responded better to fertilization than did plants growing on lower slopes. Site appeared to influence twig growth more than slope. Differences in twig growth among sites were attributed to differences in soil depth and density of vegetation. Twig length was significantly different among years due to uneven distribution of rainfall.