• Diameter-Age Relationships of Two Species of Mountain Mahogany

      Brotherson, J. D.; Davis, J. N.; Greenwood, L. (Society for Range Management, 1980-09-01)
      Diameter-age relationships of two species of mountain mahogany (true mountain mahogany and curlleaf mountain mahogany) were investigated. Data were taken from populations of true mountain mahogany in the Laramie Basin of Wyoming (Brooks 1962) and the Uintah Basin of Utah. Data for curlleaf mountain mahogany were obtained from populations in the Whitehorse mountains of Oregon, the Trout Creek mountains of Nevada (Dealy 1975) and from several areas in north-central Utah. Equations were developed for age prediction from stem diameters. Age prediction was most accurate within local population boundaries and less so when used to predict ages across population boundaries. Aspect was shown to be an important factor in influencing age prediction in curlleaf mountain mahogany.