• Drought Effects on Adventitious Root Development in Blue Grama Seedlings

      Briske, D. D.; Wilson, A. M. (Society for Range Management, 1980-09-01)
      Crowns of blue grama (Bouteloua gracilis) seedlings of three ages were exposed to drought treatments for 2 days, in constant humidity environments, and were then planted in moist soil for a 10-day growth test at 25° C. Percentage survival of crowns decreased with a decrease in water potential during the temporary drought treatment and with a decrease in crown age at time of treatment. The percentage survival rates of 21-, 28-, and 35-day-old crowns treated at -180 bars were 5, 54, and 83, respectively. Crowns exposed to the 2-day drought treatment subsequently produced shorter adventitious roots than untreated crowns. Thus, a drought-induced inhibition of adventitious root growth may reduce the probability of successful seedling establishment.