• Cyanogenic Glycoside Levels in Saskatoon Serviceberry

      Majak, W.; Quinton, D. A.; Broersma, K. (Society for Range Management, 1980-05-01)
      The concentration of prunasin, the cyanogenic glycoside in Saskatoon serviceberry, was determined in leaves and twigs over a 12-month period. Eight shrubs were monitored, three of which were located in the ponderosa pine zone and the remainder in the Douglasfir zone. Qualitative tests indicated that the cyanide potential of serviceberry persisted continuously at all the experimental sites in both leaves and twigs. Quantitative analyses showed that prunasin levels in twigs were substantially higher in current year's growth as compared to previous year's growth. The highest prunasin levels were obtained in new growth of leaves and twigs following initiation and and this potentially hazardous period for browsers is described. Shrubs yielded lower prunasin levels when they were associated with ground water indicator species.