• Mineral Concentrations in True Mountain Mahogany and Utah Juniper, And In Associated Soils

      Brotherson, J. D.; Osayande, S. T. (Society for Range Management, 1980-05-01)
      Concentrations of minerals in soils and plants were measured in two communities. Zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and nitrogen showed significantly (p< 0.01) greater concentration in true mountain mahogany than in Utah juniper. Soils beneath plant canopies had significantly higher (p< 0.01) nitrogen than soils in open areas between plants. Concentrations of zinc, manganese, and phosphorus were significantly (p< 0.01) higher in the soils of the juniper community, while calcium and magnesium concentrations were significantly (p< 0.01) higher in the soils of the mountain mahogany community. True mountain mahogany showed copper concentration (x=28.9 ppm) high enough to approach toxic levels for some herbivores. Except for copper, mineral concentrations indicated good forage value for these two species.