• Evaluation of Fall Burning on Bighorn Sheep Winter Range

      Peek, J. M.; Riggs, R. A.; Lauer, J. L. (Society for Range Management, 1979-11-01)
      Bighorn sheep and mule deer grazed bluebunch wheatgrass on areas on a Wyoming big sagebrush/bluebunch wheatgrass winter range significantly greater than adjacent unburned sites for 4 years after burning. Grass production decreased slightly the first year after burning but returned to preburn levels 2 years afterwards. Frequency of bluebunch wheatgrass in plots was reduced for 2 years following burning but returned to preburn levels by the third year. Big sagebrush seedlings were noted on burned sites 2 years after burning. Burning was considered to benefit bighorn more than mule deer because sagebrush, an important component of the mule deer diet, was effectively removed from the site for at least 4 years after burning.