• Forage Yield, Phenological Development, and Forage Quality of an Agropyron Repens x Agropyron spicatum Hybrid

      Perez-Trejo, F.; Dwyer, D. D.; Asay, K. H. (Society for Range Management, 1979-09-01)
      Studies were conducted to evaluate the potential of the Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv. × Agropyron spicatum (Pursh) Scrib. & Smith hybrid as a forage grass. The hybrid was compared with its parental species for phenological development, chemical composition, in vitro dry matter digestibility, and acceptance by sheep. The new species was highly productive, maintained a high nutritional value, especially in its fall regrowth, and was readily accepted by sheep. In most respects it was intermediate to its two parents. Results of these studies indicate the hybrid has potential as a forage species under certain rangeland conditions.