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    • Barbwire Russian Thistle Seed Germination

      Young, J. A.; Evans, R. A. (Society for Range Management, 1979-09-01)
      Barbwire Russian thistle (Salsola paulsenii) is the dominant species of severely degraded plant communities in the most arid portions of the Great Basin. The seed germination of this alien annual plant was compared with that of common Russian thistle (S. iberica). In general, the two species of Salsola have similar germination characteristics. However, there were important differences that apparently favor barbwire Russian thistle in arid environments. These advantages were (a) less restrictive after-ripening requirements that allow some germination at a broader range of temperature sooner after maturity, (b) more rapid germination at low temperatures during the first 10 days of incubation, and (c) dehiscence of seeds without the necessity of the plants uprooting and tumbling.
    • A Feces-Urine Separator for Making Total Fecal Collections from the Female Bovine

      Kartchner, R. J.; Rittenhouse, L. R. (Society for Range Management, 1979-09-01)
      A simple, effective urine deflector is described for use in making total fecal collections in female cattle. A standard fecal bag is used with only slight modifications.