• The Influence of Ammonium Nitrate on the Control of Mesquite Resprouts with 2,4,5 T Ester

      Arnold, J. D.; Burzlaff, D. F. (Society for Range Management, 1978-07-01)
      The influence of ammonium nitrate on the phytotoxicity of 2,4,5-T ester, nitrogen concentration, and niacin concentration of honey mesquite was studied. Fertilizer was applied to individual 3-year-old resprouts in the fall of 1973 and 2,4,5-T ester was applied to the individual 3-year-old resprouts on 3 dates in 1974. There was no conclusive evidence that N fertilizer affected the percentage of root-kill of mesquite when sprayed with 2,4,5-T ester. Ammonium nitrate had no effect on the nitrogen or the niacin levels in honey mesquite.