• Effects of Spring Burning on a Mountain Range

      Nimir, M. B.; Payne, G. F. (Society for Range Management, 1978-07-01)
      The physical, biological, and chemical consequences of burning mountain range were monitored the year of a spring burn on the Gallatin National Forest, Montana. Two sites within the burn were intensively studied. Burning did not cause any major changes in soil chemical or physical properties. Significant soil chemical changes occurred regardless of the fire influence. Burning resulted in early reduction of basal cover of vegetation. This effect was decreased as the season advanced. A listing of species damaged by burning and favored by burning is provided.
    • Soil Water Use and Recharge in a Fertilized Mixed Prairie Plant Community

      Wight, J. R.; Black, A. L. (Society for Range Management, 1978-07-01)
      Nitrogen fertilization on a mixed prairie, upland range site increased soil water extraction, overwinter recharge, and water- and precipitation-use efficiency. Overwinter recharge was inversely related to soil water content in the fall.