• Effects of Gully Plugs and Contour Furrows on the Soil Moisture Regime in the Cisco Basin, Utah

      Gifford, G.; Hancock, V. B.; Coltharp, G. B. (Society for Range Management, 1978-07-01)
      Soil moisture patterns in and around gully plugs and contour furrows constructed on Mancos shale-derived soils in Cisco Basin were studied from December of 1965 through December of 1966. Preliminary studies were initiated during the summer and fall of 1965. Results of monthly measurements indicate increased moisture storage immediately beneath treatment depressions, but minimal lateral movement. Results of this study, and others, suggest that treatments of this type on Mancos shale will function primarily to collect runoff, sediment, and possibly associated salts and that increased vegetal production is not a logical expectation.