• Seed Germination of True Prairie Forbs

      Voigt, J. W. (Society for Range Management, 1977-11-01)
      A study was conducted on 20 species of prairie forbs collected from Illinois tallgrass prairie to determine their levels of germination without treatment of the seed and to determine their expected higher levels of germination with various seed treatments. The present assay of forb seed germination was made to aid those engaged in prairie restoration. Seed fill was visually and physically determined. Seed viability was determined by use of triphenyl tetrazolium chloride, which turns living embryos red. Germination was done on moist filter paper inside petri plates in darkness at constant temperature. From tests on 20 species only three germinated without treatment; 12 germinated under 2 months of moist-cold treatment; and four germinated with scarification. When treated with rootone, five species germinated. Three species germinated with single application of .005% potassium gibberellate spray. These results suggest most of the 20 species could be planted with success with the proper preparation or treatment of the seed.