• Economics of Carry Over Response to Nitrogen Fertilization of Rangelands

      Workman, J. P.; McCormick, P. W. (Society for Range Management, 1977-09-01)
      Prior to the recent increases in nitrogen prices fertilization of a Utah mountain loam range site was found to be profitable when increased forage was harvested as grass hay. however, that evaluation was based only on forage response during the initial growing season. we have since observed significant carry over response during the second and third years following fertilizer application. at the original nitrogen and hay prices studied, incorporation of carry over into the economic analysis increased both optimum application rates and per acre profits from fertilization. fertilization was found even more profitable at current nitrogen and grass hay prices. insufficient data were available to determine optimum reapplication schedules,although intuitive indications favor reapplication every 2 years for sites showing profitable initial and second year carry over response. spring application proved superior to fall application on both sites.