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    • Comparative Palatability of Atriplex canescens

      Nemati, N. (Society for Range Management, 1977-09-01)
      An Atriplex canescens introduced to Iran and two native species, Artemisia herba alba and Kochia prostrata, were fed to sheep throughout a year to determine the comparative palatability of the Atriplex. The Kochia has the highest and Artemisia has the lowest palatability when provided at two amounts on adjacent days. Atriplex is of intermediate palatability in comparison with the two native species.
    • A Technique for Measuring Rate of Fire Spread

      Britton, C. M.; Karr, B. L.; Sneva, F. A. (Society for Range Management, 1977-09-01)
      An inexpensive technique is presented for photographically recording rate of spread of prescribed fires. This technique involves the use of infrared film and a split-field close-up lens. The infrared film enables the fire front to be photographed without interference from visible smoke. The split-field close-up lens provides for inclusion of a timing device in the lower part of the photograph.
    • A Durable Esophageal Cannula for Sheep and Goats

      Taylor, C. A.; Bryant, F. C. (Society for Range Management, 1977-09-01)
      Problems often arise in the selection of a permanent esophageal cannula to be used in fistulated animals. A permanent cannula constructed from PVC pipe and Plexiglas is described which has strength, rigidity, and durability while keeping costs to a minimum.