• Growth of Selected Plants on Wyoming Surface Mined Soils and Flyash

      Howard, G. S.; Schuman, G. E.; Rauzi, F. (Society for Range Management, 1977-07-01)
      This greenhouse study was initiated to determine potential plant growth on three surface-mined soils and their overburden, and on coal flyash mixtures from sites in Wyoming prior to field studies and plant establishment trials. There was no indication that either topsoil or overburden from the active mine sites in Gillette, Hanna, or Shirley Basin, was detrimental to plant growth when water and temperature were not limiting. Forage plants and range shrubs on each soil benefited from the addition of N and/or P fertilizer. The addition of sewage sludge or manure also greatly increased growth. The study indicated that certain mixtures of flyash in soil and sludge can be successfully revegetated. The application of this data may be extensive in the reclamation and revegetation of surface-mined soils in those areas tested.