• Dry Season Regrowth of Six Forage Species Following Wildfire

      Falvey, J. L. (Society for Range Management, 1977-01-01)
      The regrowth of three introduced perennial grasses, buffelgrass, Pangolagrass, and Sabigrass; one native perennial grass, sehima; and two perennial legumes, Caribbean stylo and leucaena, after a dry season wildfire was studied in northern Australia. The native grass produced similar quantities of dry matter during the dry season but was of lower digestibility and crude protein content than all other species. Crude protein yield per hectare was highest for Sabigrass during the dry season. After the onset of the wet season the native grass produced significantly more dry matter and crude protein per hectare than all other species. Neither of the legumes provided large amounts of feed during the dry season. It is suggested that introduced grasses may be of greater value after a fire while native grasses may be superior after rains have begun.