• Economics of Ranch Management Alternatives in Southwestern North Dakota

      Leistritz, F. L.; Qualey, N. J. (Society for Range Management, 1975-09-01)
      The fundamental management problem of northern plains ranchers is to increase ranch income while maintaining or improving the productivity of the range resource. This study used linear programming to evaluate the profitability of alternative range and livestock management practices. Sale of yearlings was found to be more profitable than selling calves. Establishment of crested wheatgrass for spring grazing allowed deferment of native range and was profitable if yearling prices exceeded $40 per cwt. Fertilization of crested wheatgrass pastures and native hayland at a rate of 40 pounds actual nitrogen per acre was profitable, but native range fertilization was not profitable using prices for the 1970-73 period. Recent price trends place added emphasis on efficient use of the range resource.