• Constituents of In Vitro Solution Contribute Differently to Dry Matter Digestibility of Deer Food Species

      Uresk, D. W.; Dietz, D. R.; Messner, H. E. (Society for Range Management, 1975-09-01)
      This study assessed the contribution of chemical constituents used in the in vitro technique by Tilley and Terry on digestibilities of five species of plants. Apparent digestibility was lowest, 28-29%, for water alone, buffer alone, and buffer plus pepsin. Dry matter loss increased to 32-33% with either buffer + alcohol + HCl or buffer + alcohol + HCl + pepsin. Highest apparent digestibility, 44%, was reached with the addition of white-tailed deer inoculum. HCl contributed significantly to digestion while pepsin did not. Degree of digestion varied among the five species of plants tested.
    • Influence of Grazing on Crude Protein Content of Blue Grama

      Uresk, D. W.; Sims, P. L. (Society for Range Management, 1975-09-01)
      Grazing intensities of light, moderate, and heavy by cattle did not affect the protein content of blue grama herbage in northeastern Colorado. Crude protein content of live herbage changed with phenological development and with season, but no change occurred in dead herbage. During the early vegetative growth period, a high of 18% crude protein occurred in the plant tissues. Additional precipitation during the growing season did not appear to affect the content of protein in herbage.