• The Predator-Control Scene as of 1974

      Wagner, F. H. (Society for Range Management, 1975-01-01)
      Mounting public pressures against predator control, especially with toxicants, plus the information compiled by the Cain Committee led to the Executive Order banning the use of toxicants on federal land and by federal control agents. Reaction of the livestock industry has been to ask that control be moved into the state governments and to seek release of M-44 cyanide guns through an experiment clause in the Environmental Protection Agency order withdrawing toxicant registration. An accelerated research program under the aegis of a number of agencies is providing a great deal of information, but needed programs are falling between the cracks because of the lack of integrated analysis and attack on the overall predator problem. A multidisciplinary, federal predator commission is proposed which would have responsibility for analyzing the problem in concert, providing critical advice on proposed programs and available information, communicating with all interested parties, and advocating policy.