• Nutritive Quality of Nitrogen Fertilized and Unfertilized Blue Grama

      Pieper, R. D.; Kelsey, R. J.; Nelson, A. B. (Society for Range Management, 1974-11-01)
      Fertilization with 40 lb of nitrogen per acre generally increased crude protein content of blue grama plants during the growing season but not during the dormant season. However, because of increased dry matter yield under fertilization, total protein on the fertilized area exceeded that on the unfertilized area by 37 lb/acre during the dormant season. Fertilization decreased content of ash, silica and acid detergent fiber and had little effect on ether extract, cell wall constituents, acid detergent lignin, carotene content or in vitro dry matter digestibility or content of individual mineral elements of blue grama. Results indicated very little improvement in nutritive quality of blue grama during early spring stress period when cows are lactating and forage quality and quantity are low.