• Beef Production on Native Range, Crested Wheatgrass, and Russian Wildrye Pastures

      Smoliak, S.; Slen, S. B. (Society for Range Management, 1974-11-01)
      Weight gains per acre of yearling steers on continuously grazed Russian wildrye were 96.2 lb, or six times the gain of 16.0 lb on native range over a 6-year period. Crested wheatgrass, native range, and Russian wildrye grazed in a rotation or free-choice system reduced the acreage requirement to 15 acres per animal-unit for 6 months from 28 acres required for native range and increased beef production per acre by 55 to 66%. The vegetation on each of the three pasture types was maintained in a more productive condition when they were grazed in rotation in individually fenced fields than when they were grazed free-choice as a single unit. Crested wheatgrass and Russian wildrye effectively extended the grazing season.