• Plant and Sheep Production on Semiarid Annual Grassland in Israel

      Tadmor, N. H.; Eyal, E.; Benjamin, R. W. (Society for Range Management, 1974-11-01)
      A stocking rate experiment with sheep was carried out over a 12-year period, 1962-1973, in a semidesert area with 250 mm rainfall. Four pasture types were investigated. Site and experimental conditions are described in this paper as well as grazing results on the unimproved native grassland. This is a herbaceous sward composed entirely of annuals. It yielded between 2 and 4 ton/ha dry matter per year in accordance with rainfall fluctuations. These yields are high in comparison with records from other parts of the world. It was shown that this area could give unsupplemented year round support to Mutton Merino sheep at stocking rates of 0.6-1.0 hectare per sheep per year. Annual lamb production ranged between 20-30 kg per ewe and between 30-60 kg per hectare. This is the first report of lamb production in such a low rainfall area.