• High-rate Fertilization of Native Rangeland in Oregon

      Baldwin, D. M.; Hawkinson, N. W.; Anderson, E. W. (Society for Range Management, 1974-05-01)
      A single application of 27-12-0 fertilizer on native rangeland in northwestern Oregon produced a 4-year total herbage production of 15,789 lb/acre, air dry with 1,100 lb of fertilizer; 18,383 lb/acre with 2,200 lb of fertilizer; and 16,477 lb/acre with 4,400 lb/acre of fertilizer. Unfertilized plots produced 5,932 lb/acre. Increasing the rate of fertilization improved the vigor of perennial grasses, increased utilization of herbage by cattle, extended the green-forage season, and temporarily increased nitrate nitrogen in the forage. High-rate fertilization markedly increased Kentucky bluegrass in the composition.